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Much energy, time and money is expended in the removal of graffiti. MicroGuard®  is a high-performance surface treatment that provides protection against the attachment of paint, crayon, inks and magic markers for graffiti or tag marks on stainless steel or non-ferrous metals, fiberglass, signs, concrete and painted surfaces. The treatment is also resistant to chemical attack and exhibits outstanding resistance to solvents, acid and alkali exposure. The unique formulation of MicroGuard® will not break down from UV exposure, as compared to other competitive coatings.

MicroGuard® can be used in protecting painted metal, benches, bathrooms, interior and exterior walls, elevators, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, painted or bare masonry and concrete.

MicroGuard® Anti-Graffiti Clear Surface Treatment provides a non-sacrificial barrier of protection for many bare or 

previously painted surfaces where graffiti tagging is a problem. The hydro-phobic, naturally repelling properties of this 

inorganic clear treatment prevents graffiti from attaching firmly to the surface, thus, graffiti becomes easier to remove. 

Aerosol paint, permanent marker, ink, etc; can be removed using commercial graffiti removers without damaging the clear 


MicroGuard® is also an ideal clear treatment for rejuvenating oxidized and faded paint finishes. OEM powder coated 

metal siding or roofing panels, metal doors, signs, etc; can be restored to like new appearance and protected from further 

deterioration for years to come. This clear treatment is non-yellowing, UV and acid rain resistant. 

MicroGuard® Concrete Clear Gloss Treatment is ideal for clear coating many organic floor paints where additional 

abrasion and chemical resistance is needed.


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